Rickard Petersen - Fullstack Developer CV

A beautifully bearded man

Rickard Petersen

36 years old
Living in Stockholm Sweden
Speaks English and Swedish

Gitlab: gitlab.com/rickisen
Github: github.com/rickisen
LinkedIn: linkedin.com

760 59 24 69 (please send text first)

Great at:

  • React
  • GO (golang)
  • Node
  • Expo
  • TypeScript
  • Kubernetes (k8s)
  • React-native
  • Javascript
  • BASH
  • Restfull API
  • Wordpress
  • Linux
  • Docker

Familiar with:

  • DevOps
  • SQL
  • CI/CD
  • MongoDb
  • C# (Unity3d)
  • CouchDB
  • socket.io
  • Scrum
  • Angular.js
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++ / QT
  • VPS / LAMP

Often use:

  • Docker
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Vim
  • Curl
  • npm/yarn
  • Webpack
  • Systemd
  • travis-ci
  • Slack
  • ffmpeg
  • Vagrant
  • CircleCI

Job History

Freelance Consultant

2018 - Now

Since 2016/2017 I've worked both as a contractor and consultant on various web projects and react-native app projects. Before this I studied at MI, and before that I worked as a contractor in film post-production.

  • Kronans Apotek (Web)

    8mos nov 2019 - july 2020

    Kronans is a large pharmacy chain in Sweden that also has a e-commerce web shop. At Kronans I worked as a part of a team of around a dozen developers. I was mostly on the front-end team. But also developed and worked on some back-end services in typescript/node. Because of strict government regulations regarding prescription drugs and privacy Kronans offered some unique challenges. At Kronans I also got experience with Klarna, BankID, and a plethora of Swedish delivery solutions.

  • Qasa (App / Web)react-native / react / expo

    3mos spring 2019

    Qasa is a company/website that helps people sublet and rent homes. Not dissimilar to Airbnb but with a focus on long term living.
    At Qasa I worked on their future version of their website and a react-native project. And I gained a lot of insights in how to do shared code between react-native and regular web react.

  • Mitt Fortum (App)react-native / TypeScript

    4mos spring & autumn 2018

    Fortum is a huge Swedish energy company that offers a website and app used to manage people's energy usage and subscription.
    On this project I worked exclusively as a react-native dev as a part of the App team. At Fortum I gained experience in working in large companies, and with the extensive security and testing that entails. I got this gig as a subcontractor at Futurice.

    Mitt Fortum
    Play store
    App store
  • Petersen Nordic (web)wp-theme / wordpress / design


    Just a small site I designed/coded/maintain in wordpress for a family member's diving company. It's nothing impressive, but it's something I designed all on my own (except this CV site itself). And it's a good example of what I can do solo and quikly.

  • Project under NDA (App + web)react-native / react / node / design

    I've also worked on another project I can't really describe here because of NDA. But It's something I did for a month or so.

Freelance Consultant at BBH-Stockholm

2017 - 2018

After having finished my internship at BBH-stockholm I continued to work on some of their projects as a freelance consultant for approximately 1 year.

I think I spent on average ~3 months on each project. But they were very intertwined.

  • Maîtres (Web)golang / react / back-end / stripe

    Maîtres is a restaurant App primarily focused on VIP customers. It facilitates contact between a restaurant's head waiter and VIP customer. Allowing for a smooth and human feeling booking experience. It features automatic payment (just get up and walk away, no need to wait for the bill). It also features a rating system. Quite similar to Uber.
    At this project i worked as a back-end programmer using golang, and I also worked on a react based waiter panel. I got lots of experience with the payment provider "stripe", websockets and POS systems (trivec).

    Play store
    App store
  • Bamseklubben - TUI (App)c# / Unity3d

    Tui is a big charter company in northern Europe. A big part of their marketing is the usage of a beloved cartoon character "Bamse". And as part of this they decided to make a children's game that kids could play on the aircraft on the way to their holiday destination.
    I worked on this project together with 4 devs and I primarily worked on the mini-games "Build a Sandcastle" and "Feed Bamse".

    Play Store
    App Store
  • The concept (web)js / wp-theme / wordpress / video

    A restaurant website for a (at the time) new restaurant in Gothenburg. I wrote a wordpress theme, and some custom plugins for this site and it featured some cool scroll based effects. After they opened and launched the restaurant they switched to another website solution.
    So this link is no longer the site i coded:

  • Zag (web)node / react / keystone-js

    Zag is a design company based in London. They are a part of BBH which gave me this contract. I built this site using react for the front-end and the back-end was node based using the keystone-js framework (a headless CMS).
    The site was designed and coded to be a cool blog/portfolio. But they've since changed approach and use another less bloggy solution.
    So this link is no longer the site i coded:

  • BBH-Stockholm's Blog (web)wordpress / hubspot

    During my time at BBH I also got to rework their hubspot based blog. Which they've since redesigned.


Internship at BBH-Stockholm

Jan - April/ 17

At the end of my FED studies at MI, I did a 4 month long internship at BBH-Stockholm. During this period I got to work on some projects I later did consultant/contractor work on. They offered me full time employment, But I wanted to continue my Freelance business.

Internship at Hiotlabs

Aug - Nov/ 16

As a part of my education at MI we had a short internship period. I spent mine on a small startup called Hiotlabs. Here I got my first experiences with react-native and IoT.

Contractor QT/C++ software tools

Jan - Aug/ 15

During the spring of 2015 I Freelanced on my first professional programming projects. These were small tools used for post-production professionals, they were written with QT and in C++.

Consultant and contractor in video-tech and film

2012 - 2015

After my film production education I spent 3 years freelancing with various film work. Mostly photography, video-tech and post-production (editing) work.

IT support and video tech at Stopp (now called Media Monks)

2008 - 2011

One of the bigger post-production houses in Stockholm, stopp is mostly in the business of commercials. And I worked mostly as a video-technician here, at first as IT-staff, and then in their mastering reference

Assistant role at Sockdolls

2008 - 2008

Sockdolls was a small post-production company where I worked as a assistant. My first real job, and it entailed creating lesser vfx, finding textures and reference pictures.


The Media Institute - FED / Webdev (2 years)

2015 - 2017

During the last half of 2015 to april 2017 I studied at a webdev and design school called MI (the Media Institute) in Stockholm. The course had just changed name to FED (Front End Developer) when I started. It used to be called "Web developer", so it still entailed a lot of back-end and SQL stuff. It was about 60% front-end, the rest back-end or various development stuff like agile development and scrum techniques etc.

Komvux Programming 1 - Java

Mars 2015

The educations I wanted to apply to required this, So I took it even though I already knew how to develop software.

Self studies in C / C++ programming


Feels a bit silly putting this here, as everybody self educate to some point. But I actually turned down work and traveled to another country just to focus 100% on learning myself c/c++. Amongst other things I read the books "Accelerated C++" and "C++ Primer 5th edition". And I did a lot of educational websites and projects during this period that lasted ~6 months. But I've always been a computer nerd, and I can't even remember the first time I coded.

Kulturama 2 year film production


A pretty wide education in film production, I mostly focused on editing and cinematography. And the more technical bits, like vfx or image manipulation.

About me

Big Linux nerd

0000 - Always

I have used Linux as my primary OS since I was 20 years old. I love the whole FOSS community and I can be pretty passionate about it. But I'm also a practical guy and I don't let it get in the way of solving problems, especially not in a professional setting. But you'll probably notice a tux sticker on all my things.

Hobby projects

I often spend my free time doing small techy hobby projects, like setting up raspberry pi cameras in bird's nests. Or making a remote controlled car with a web cam, or simply tinkering with my custom built router to do various useful things.


Despite my Linux love I still play lots of competitive pc games. So if you do the whole lunch gaming thing. I'm game!